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Thursday, May 15, 2008

DYL - Week of 05/12/08

Thanks to all that attended and/or helped at the pancake breakfast. It was a great success. Over 300 served. Thanks a lot of Pancakes !!!

The Varsity team earned their first Win on Tuesday. They defeated Oneonta. Way to go guys !!!

I was able to get to my first JV game last night. It was close one against Elmira Notre Dame. They did a great job (in my opinion) considering they are a very young JV team with several 7th and 8th graders.

All three DYL groups will play in Ithaca on Sunday the 18th. Please arrive as close to 11:45 as possible. We will start at Noon. We are planning on two 20 minute halves. This will give those that want to get up to Cornell for the NCAAs a chance at catching some of the first half of Duke v. OSU.

The Senior Group will play in Whitney Point on Thursday 05/22/08. Please arrive as close to 6 pm as possible. We will start by 6:45 and play for about an hour. There is a link to a Google map of the field at www.drydenlax.com.

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