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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lacrosse Mid-Week update

Hello All,

Bob Wise and the little sticks coaches ( T H A N K S G U Y S ) have volunteered to walk with the players in the Dryden Dairy Days Parade. All Levels and other parents are welcome -

Please line up for the parade @8:45am on Saturday in the Livestock Auction parking lot.

Please park somewhere near the Dryden elementary school, and walk the players up to the assembly area at the livestock auction parking lot. The Organizers want to keep all traffic off main street since they will be lining up floats.

We ask the players to carry their sticks and wear their jersey or other Dryden lax apparel

no need for pads, gloves, or helmets, and please, no balls.

If anyone has any questions, please email Bob @ rw17@cornell.edu

Reminder for 3-4 players – We are scrimmaging in Cortland on Thursday. Please arrive as close to 6PM as possible. The other info (location, etc) was sent last night.

If anyone has found a lone Brine “youth size” elbow pad please let me know. We have one that has come up missing. (WE FOUND IT !!!)


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