Dryden Lax Calendar

Friday, June 7, 2019

2019 Christofferson Award Winner

Starting with our first year of Varsity Lacrosse in 2007 "The Christofferson Boys Lacrosse Award" has been presented annually by the coach to the player who represents hard work and dedication and is a model for other players on the team. Without the hard work and dedication that Marty and Marianne Christofferson gave to the program for years, we would not be where we are today. We are proud to announce that Garet Marsh is the 2019 winner of the award.

Past Winners are:
2007 Marty Christofferson Jr.
2008 Dana Christofferson
2009 Dana Christofferson
2010 Jimmy Dowdall
2011 Josh Moshier
2012 Dakota Jackson
2013 Ross Cole
2014 Connor O’Brien
2015 Connor O'Brien
2016 Gabe Woods
2017 Bryan Iannello
2018 GT Weaver
2019 Garet Marsh

The winner receives a certificate and will be added to the award plaque. (see photo) We are hoping to find a spot in the school’s athletic awards hall for it.


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